Our Approach

Our passion and our legacy is to continue to build a superior investment franchise that not only endures, but improves over time.

The Investment Office is responsible for managing the University's financial assets in accord with policies established by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. These assets include pension and working capital assets, charitable trusts, and the largest component, the Notre Dame Endowment.

The Endowment is invested in a global, multi-asset class portfolio, with a heavy commitment to equity and equity-like investments for long-term growth. Our long-standing investment philosophy is anchored in three core principles: diversification, partnering with the highest quality managers in each asset class, and strong liquidity to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Profound Sense of Mission and Purpose Close-Knit Team Adherence to Catholic Social Teaching Fundamental Investment Philosophy Global Network of Exceptional Partners Long-Term Time Horizon
  • Investment Principles

  • Profound Sense of Mission

    We deeply cherish Notre Dame’s role in the world and its vision to be the preeminent Catholic university and one of the great universities in the world.

  • Close-Knit Team

    Our team is distinguished by its long tenure, deep experience, and abiding loyalty to Notre Dame’s mission.

  • Adherence to Catholic Social Teaching

    We adhere to investing principles outlined by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Our policy starts with the fundamental legal and moral requirement to ensure a satisfactory return on investments. Within that framework, we also work with our partners to exclude from our portfolio securities of firms whose actions are inimical to the values of the University.

  • Fundamental Investment Philosophy

    We are fundamental investors, partnering with investment managers that seek to invest in assets that offer strong long term cash flows priced at attractive levels. We eschew shorter term trading strategies and market timing.

  • Global Network of Exceptional Partners

    We seek long-term partners. We are committed to building deep relationships with the best investment managers across the globe. We strive to be the best partner with whom any of our managers has ever worked.

  • Long-Term Time Horizon

    We are long-term investors. The Notre Dame Endowment has a perpetual life, so we can be extremely patient and disciplined. The ability to look past short term volatility and build relationships with our partners over years, and often decades, has a powerful compounding effect.