Our Impact

Through outstanding stewardship, we seek to advance the University in its quest for excellence as the premier Catholic University in the world.

Notre Dame’s mission statement speaks of the University as a place of teaching and research, of scholarship and publication, of service and community. At the heart of this, through our work and the work of our investment partners, Notre Dame’s bold mission is advanced across all of these dimensions.

Teaching and Research

Teaching & Research

"The University prides itself on being an environment of teaching and learning that fosters the development in its students of those disciplined habits of mind, body, and spirit that characterize educated, skilled, and free human beings." – Excerpt from Notre Dame’s mission statement

Through its outstanding faculty and expansive curriculum, Notre Dame offers its students a multitude of learning opportunities, both on campus and around the world.

Scholarship and Publication

Scholarship & Publication

"The University is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake. As a Catholic university, one of its distinctive goals is to provide a forum where, through free inquiry and open discussion, the various lines of Catholic thought may intersect with all the forms of knowledge found in the arts, sciences, professions, and every other area of human scholarship and creativity." - Excerpt from Notre Dame’s mission statement

Today members of the Notre Dame community are achieving breakthroughs in astrophysics, radiation chemistry, environmental sciences, tropical disease transmission, cancer, robotics, and nano-electronics. Learn more about all the excellent work being done at this unique university by visiting our research website.

Service and Community

Service & Community

"In addition, the University seeks to cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice and oppression that burden the lives of so many. The aim is to create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice." – Excerpt from Notre Dame’s mission statement

Through efforts such as Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and a myriad of other endeavors, Notre Dame is building toward Fr. Sorin’s vision of becoming a powerful force for doing good around the world.  

Endowment Payout for Operations

Financial Aid Growth

Notre Dame meets the full demonstrated financial need of each undergraduate student. Sixty percent of financial aid is funded by the endowment.