Our Team

A deep connection to Notre Dame's mission and a true partnering approach with investment managers globally are the hallmarks of the Notre Dame Investment Office team.

  • Michael Donovan
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Timothy Dolezal, CFA
    Managing Director
  • Brenda Tucker
    Officer Assistant

Public Equity

  • Jason King, MBA, CFA
    Investment Director
  • Jacob Benedict, MS, CFA
    Investment Manager
  • Megan Whelan
    Investment Analyst

Private Equity

  • Brian Wrona, CFA
    Investment Director
  • Joseph Kelly, CFA
    Investment Manager
  • Ryan Mack, CFA
    Investment Manager
  • Caitlin Murphy
    Investment Associate
  • Bennett Grefenstette
    Investment Analyst

Multi Strategy

  • Sean Mulvehill, CFA, CPA
    Investment Director & Risk Manager
  • Michael Cook, CFA
    Investment Director
  • Kristina Flathers, MBA
    Investment Associate

Investment Services and Administration

  • Mark Krcmaric, MBA, JD
    Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer
  • David Ludwig, MBA, CPA
    Director of IT & Analytics
  • Stephanie Miranda Pries, JD
    Director, Investment Legal Affairs
  • James Quinn, CPA
    Director of Analytics
  • Matthew Riem, CPA
    Director of Accounting & Operations
  • Nathan Baumgartner, JD, CPA
    Senior Investment Accountant
  • Breighan Boeskool, PhD
    Assistant Director of Analytics
  • Clint Brown
    IT Solutions Specialist
  • Michelle Burgess
    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Jennifer Carbon
    Investment Accountant
  • Lony Chhuon
    Legal Assistant
  • Sureeni Ekanayake, MBA, CPA
    Director of Tax Compliance
  • Amy Goodwine, CPA
    Assistant Director of Analytics
  • Thomas Guinan, MBA, CPA
    Director of Financial Reporting
  • Shelley Huff
    Travel & Event Manager
  • Bradley Jones
    Manager, IT Solutions
  • Shirley Kasalo
    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Anna Korpal
    Senior Operations Specialist
  • Ryan Lovelady
    Manager, Systems & Data
  • Shivam Patel
    Data Analyst
  • Michael Ridenour, MBA
    Manager of Trust Investments
  • Joseph Schuppig, MBA, CPA
    Assistant Director of Accounting & Operations
  • Kelley Shrock Ramaley
    Senior Operations Specialist